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Yahoo logo on a smartphone Several reports in the US said Yahoo has now accepted a price cut of up to $350m and agreed to share liability with Verizon for potential lawsuits. News of the renegotiated terms was first reported by Bloomberg, which said an announcement could come this week. Verizon wants to combine Yahoo's search, email and messenger assets, as well as advertising technology tools, with its AOL unit. Verizon bought AOL in 2015 for $4.4bn. Verizon sees mobile video and advertising as new sources of revenue outside an overcrowded US telecoms market. One of the

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original early internet search providers, Yahoo admitted in December 2016 it had been hit by a large cyber attack in 2013 which affected more than a billion customer accounts. Yahoo had already admitted another breach in 2014 that had affected around half a billion users. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has launched an investigation into whether Yahoo should have disclosed the breaches sooner, according to a report last month in the Wall Street Journal. On Wednesday, Yahoo sent a warning to users whose accounts may have potentially been accessed by hackers between 2015 and 2016, as part of a data security issue related to the breach it disclosed in December.

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